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Rik Hamers

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My name is Rik Hamers, and I am 30 years old. I am a qualified Massage Therapist and Massage Expert. In addition to my work as a massage therapist, I also work as a teacher in primary education.

My passion for massage was born during a period when things weren't going so well for me. During that time, I had my first experience of what a massage can do for a person. It provided relaxation, allowed me to escape from my daily grind, gave me a fresh burst of energy, and alleviated many physical discomforts.

The impact of the massage on me was so significant that I quickly started looking for training programs to become a massage therapist. Before I knew it, I was enrolled. I thought, "How wonderful would it be if I could do for others what that one massage therapist did for me."

Since then, I've had the privilege of helping many people, and hopefully, I can add you to that list soon.

Through the Massage Expert training program, I've had the opportunity to learn many massage techniques and disciplines. I incorporate all the techniques I have learned into my massages. The rates are fixed for relaxation massages and complaint-oriented/sports massages (except for when there's a discount available). I always tailor the techniques to your preferences and needs.

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